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Fisher Price - Rock'n'Play

Hello, hello! Hope everyone is doing well! We have our Rock'n'Play in our living room. It's really convenient to be able to lay our little girl down whenever we need both hands. She sleeps in it occasionally, but that's with any chair, swing, etc.  It was really easy to put together! I had it done in less than 30 minutes. I followed the instructions exactly! I had one bout of confusion when trying to figure out which way the legs face, but it was easy to correct once I saw my error.  My two favorite things about the Rock'n'Play are 1) how easy it is to fold up and carry around and 2) how my baby essentially "rocks" herself because of the design. I only wish there was a way to have it rock automatically as well. There's been many times where my husband and I had to stay up rocking our baby girl just do that she'd stay asleep.  Overall, it's a great seat! Lightweight, easy to put together, and our baby girl likes it just

Baby K'Tan - Original

Hi all! I can't say enough about the Baby K'Tan! I was looking for a carrier, but couldn't decide on which one to get since there are so many out there! I visited A Mother's Boutique in Wexford, and Judy helped me with the Baby K'Tan. I was able to try it on, and get a feel for it before I invested in it.  I've watched videos, and have seen others use the Moby wrap, but I wanted something just a little easier that I could just throw on.  I bought the original in black in a size medium . The instructions were very easy to follow, and I was wearing my baby girl the next day.  As for my baby, She LOVES it! She calms down quickly, and always falls asleep. It's helped me get so many things done, and now I don't feel like I'm just sitting around the house.  As for washing, it's easy too! I've washed it once already, and the material is still just as strong.  I would definitely recommend the Baby K'Tan!  I'


Hello! I took the month of July off to get acclimated to being a Mama - it's absolutely the hardest, and best experience ever! Our little one was born on July 1st, and we've been loving on her like crazy. July basically feels like one long day, and now that she's almost 7 weeks old, things are slowly getting easier. I'll do a post about being a Mom soon too, but I want to try to get updated on all the amazing products we've been using (especially the Baby K'Tan, it's been a huge help)! Here's a list of products that I'll be getting reviews up soon (hopefully this week!):  Timi & Leslie - Jessica and Classic tote bags (they sent me both to try out for you guys!)  4moms-  Mamaroo  Fisher Price - Rock n play Baby K'Tan Kickee Pants Kate Spade - Diaper Bag  Medela - Pump-In-Style Advance Lansinoh - Affinity Pro BumGenius - 4.0 and Elemental Diapers Can't wait to share my thoughts with you! Ru